AD Number: 2024-04-02 R22 44 66 TRB Tip


ロビンソン ヘリコプター  R22, R44 R66

ヘリコプターのテールローターブレード tip 接着部の腐食により先端キャップが緩む事案
TRB part number (P/N) A029–2 with TRB serial numbers (S/N) up to 11279 inclusive (P/N A029–2 REV A through U inclusive), TRB P/N C029–3 with TRB S/N up to 14329 inclusive (P/N C029–3 REV A through Q inclusive), and TRB P/N F029–1 with TRB S/N up to 3099 inclusive (P/N F029–1 REV A through F inclusive)


FAA AD 2024-01-11 バックル不具合

Pacific Scientific Company のバックル部品番号 (P/N) 1111475 および P/N 1111548–01 の内部で使用されているネジに製造上の欠陥
ロードプレートをバックル本体に固定するために使用されるネジは、電気めっきプロセス中の不適切な焼き付けにより水素脆化を受けやすく この状態では、負荷がかかったときにネジ頭がネジ本体から外れ、バックルが乗員をシートで保護できなくなる可能性があり


The FAA has received a report of a manufacturing defect in the screws used inside Pacific Scientific Company buckle part number (P/N) 1111475 (all dash numbers) and P/N 1111548–01. The screws used to fasten the load plate to the body of the buckle were found to be susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement due to improper baking 
during the electroplating process. This condition leads the screwhead to separate from the body of the screw when under load, which could result in the buckle failing to restrain the occupant to the seat. This issue was originally identified from a suspected lot of screws, Lot 348994–A. Since then, a buckle failed in an accident, calling into question Lot 348601–A. Lots 348601–A and 348994–A were the first two lots of screws received by Pacific Scientific Company from a new supplier and are the only suspected lots. The suspected buckles were manufactured between January 2012 and September 2012. The FAA is issuing this AD to address the unsafe condition on these products.


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